Shanghai is great. 

It is just different.

Before I left Shanghai for the US, I was a little girl being sheltered by my parents. I had curfew at 11 at night. No bars, nor clubbings are allowed without in the company of “adults”. Therefore, I have only been to bars with my mom to listen to music, which sounds pretty boring, and it WAS actually pretty boring.

I wasn’t be excited to go back to where I was born if it were not for seeing my family and friends.When I was on the plane to China, I wrote down a few goals that I want to accomplish over the summer.
1: try meeting some awesome people
2: read a bunch books

Several days after I landed in China. I became friends with Maxime, the CEO of Ekohe and some of his friends.

Several weeks later, I went to a club “Cuuve” by the Bund in Shanghai to see the Band Aly & Fila with them. I was out really late at night ~3:30AM. Almost everyone is going crazy at the club, moving their body on the dance floor with loud music pumping through your ear. A person brought some illuminating rods and started dancing, waving them. He was just in front of me and his dance gave me a strong and cool optical illusion. Afterwards, I told one of my friend that it was my first time being in a club with crazy people dancing together without knowing each other too well. And he went: “Welcome to adulthood!” And later when I mentioned it again some other friends, they went: “Welcome to life!”


I did not really know life.

Going up with a single mom and being extremely sheltered, I was confined to my own world. I had a pretty small goal, because I did not know how large the world is. I was focused on making myself look and dress pretty, and I neglected how important knowledge and how amazing science is. I was really narrow minded. I look at friends around me and I get jealous if they get better than me in exams. I look at other people’s reaction to decide on what I should react to certain things. I wasn’t living a life of myself. Compared to what I was, I am someone else now.

When I came to the US, I had given lots of thoughts about the previous me, and I became so extremely agitated when I think about her. I did not like her. She did everything I hate now: PDA, being mindless, dressing like a princess and acting like one, gossiping … I did not appreciate what she was and I spent quite some time regretting about my past. I refused to talk to my friends about her, about why she (and therefore I) had so many pink, cute looking clothes.

The truth is that I should not have spent such time hating her. Because without her, there would be no me. I know I was ignorant back then. I am pretty sure that I am still ignorant now. I should be able to embrace her in my life, as part of who I was. And that I am a lot better now, a lot more experienced at things I do and think. I am able to talk freely to my friends about all of my problems in a hope to get advices on life and appreciations of who I am now.

Now, I am back in this metropolitan area, where I still see many girls who are like her. What can I do to help them? Or perhaps, maybe it is their job to discover what they really want in life, and I have no part in it?

Metamorphosis is a beautiful thing. I am grateful for people who helped me along the way and I wish to do so in return. Also, I will continue to seek to be better. The journey will never stop.


Therefore, here are some things that I learned:

If you REALLY want to achieve something, there will be nothing standing in your way, except for yourself. 

(of course it needs to be realistic)

This was how I felt the whole time when I was in the US. I have had many dreams. I was able to achieve most of them through trying extremely hard and keeping myself motivated. For those dreams that I failed. It is evident that I spent an inadequate amount of time and brain power on them. Realizing that made it easier for me to give them up, and stop wasting time on those goals that pretends to be important.

Live the life you love, and love the life you live.  - from a display TV from the campus coffee shop.

Shane Johnson, our major design instructor, he gave us a talk yesterday about his experiences. He told us that he was craving for spaghetti sauce when he first came to China. And he searched around and he could not find any. Therefore he just bought some tomatoes and some condiments and made his own. Same thing with peanut butter, he had made the best peanut butter and spaghetti sauce he has ever had.

And then he goes:”Life is what you make out of it. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. And you will love it.

It’s ok to not know much, but it is not okay to not be willing to learn.

Some of the teammates that I work and have worked with showed to be impatient to learn new things. I have no respect towards such people. There is a really famous quote I once heard from an ADT official:

The illiterate of the 21 century will not be whether you can read or write, but those who cannot learn, relearn, and unlearn. – Alvin Toffler

For me, a life without learning is dead. I love about reading random articles online about medicine, about biology, astrology, technology, and many other news articles. I used to do weekly 3-hour study session when I was in US to learn about programming, whether it be a new framework, or a language). I am going to carry on this awesome rule in China, I am going to dedicate one day a week (over weekends of course) to learning. Learning makes me really happy and fulfilling.

Those are mine experiences, let me know about yours? Comment below or leave me a facebook message